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The most beautiful lake. The most important places. The best apartments. Design Studio can offer it all. In the most enchanting and famous places on the East side of the Lake, houses and apartments for your moment of relax, from the romantic weekend to the vacation with your family, from the convenient located studio to the spaciousness of the house with swimming pool. Design Studio will make you feel at home at the price that you look for.


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Como Lake

After falling in love with this stunning place, you can also enjoy your stay in many ways: take a boat tour, discover different style and architecture of churches and monuments, hike on the mountains, swim, visit one of the famous villas and even fish. And don’t forget the food. This is Italy at its best.

“After 21 years in the hotel industry, from being the youngest receptionist to the hotel manager, from the last to the first, I decided to step forward and build my own company. A company that reflects my multi shades character. A company that allows me to practice what I’ve learnt from all the amazing people I met along this two decades. The company where I can express all my creativity, in dealing with people from all around the world, and in decorating houses and enrich people with the same joy that make me waking up every day!”

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